Berenice Hernández

Born Mexico City, lives and works in Scandinavia


My work stems from an interest in architecture, memory, space, and emotion. I work with clay, paper and other materials to create pieces with a fragile and ephemeral character.

My pieces are a reminder of our relationship to unstable spaces, spaces that are in suspense, or at the mercy of an overwhelming catastrophe, and how they can protect us, contain us, and shape us both physically and emotionally. Sometimes the spaces in which you find yourself are forced upon you, sometimes they are shelters, sometimes they are homes – sometimes they crumble to become ruins. But what they all have in common is that they are formed in relation to you, and you to them. 

I approach my work like a playful architect, using building blocks formed by hundreds of thin layers of clay.  I refer to, and imagine, the structures as shelters, dwellings, and stations.

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